writing across the dharma bridge

A 4 Month Journey to Nourish Your Inner Life, Generate Creative Flow, and Grow the Courage to Change

JUNE 6th - OCTOBER 10th

with Kelly Blaser, LMFT


Writing is more than laying words down on a page. It uncovers the song of our inner experience and stretches us into stunning possibility. Gather yourself. A pilgrimage of illumination is about to begin.

We all have the tendency to grab for quick fixes when we lose access to the deep creative resource of essence nature. If you're stuck in creative frustration or negative patterns, find your self-expression or self-esteem faltering, or feel lost in relationship confusion and uncertainty, I want to help you write through it.

Writing Across the Dharma Bridge will steady your mind and nervous system and give you clear access to all aspects of your being. It's time to let go of false sources of sustenance and find true inner strength.


A Creative Approach to Fuller Self-Expression & Deeper Understanding

In addition to sitting on our cushions and contemplating dharma teachings, we'll take up our pens, and use the play of words and non-linear leaps to sharpen insight, coax out buried truths, and care for places inside of ourselves that long to emerge.

Our journey will follow an arc of teachings architected to give you access to greater boldness and authenticity. From a ground in the practice of metta (loving-kindness), we'll disentangle thickets within aspects of the personality, and stretch towards vajra energy - the courage and clarity of mirror-like wisdom.

Within a thoughtful community, you'll name the truths at the core of your heart-mind and practice sourcing the creativity and courage to speak what your process uncovers. While much of the work will be internal, you'll also build strength in community with others, cultivating a shared resilience on the path.

writing across the dharma bridge
will help you

Experience Flow States in Writing.
Relate to Yourself as a Creative Being, Capable of Generating Change.
Find Expression for Repressed Parts of the Personality.
Understand Yourself and Others Better.

"What a great experience that brought up some new angles for me to explore in my writing. The Buddhist context very much resonated for me as this serves as my practice and aspiration. Thanks so much for the taste of your approach and strategies; I found it reviving and useful."

- Randall S., MD, PhD

"It has been so rewarding to follow these sessions, and I am eternally grateful for what they have offered me - not only the meditative practice I required, but a number of new poems with which I can now work. I am a practicing writer and I found the exercises really inspiring."

- Abigail Z.


A Shared Path of Transformative Practices & Teachings

June 6 - October 10: Tuesdays at 4:30 - 6:00pm Pacific
Gather live, weekly, over Zoom with Kelly and the Writing Across the Dharma Bridge sangha.

During a class process that includes meditation, teachings, poetic prompts, writing practice, and sharing inside small groups, you'll experience a transformative arc of dharma teachings for accessing and extending compassion to all parts of yourself.

what's included

  • 15 Weekly Group Classes with Kelly (Tuesdays, 4:30pm PDT)
  • 21 Weekly Practices Facilitated by Kelly or a Mentor (times vary)
  • Mentor-Supported Small Groups
  • Voxer App messaging to stay in practice with sangha throughout the program.
  • Easy-to-Use Online Curriculum ~ Yours to Keep!
  • A Library of Supportive Resources Including Class Recordings, Meditations, Asana Practices, & Slide Decks

additional bonuses

  • After each class, Kelly sends a written recap of the session with additional notes for deepening into the material.
  • 25% off tuition on Kelly's retreats & short term programs for the next 3 years!

writing across the dharma bridge is for...

  • Anyone who feels stuck, frustrated, or unable to access aspects of themselves and longs to open up to change.
  • Folks who want to connect their spiritual practice to creative outlets for new perspective and insight.
  • Writers and wannabe writers of any ilk who need inspiration to get into an intuitive flow with their writing.
  • Anyone who wants structured support to spur their writing practice along.
    (Note: this is not about the ‘craft’ of writing, but about juicing up the writing process by linking it to spiritual practice.)
  • Those who want to challenge themselves to share their work.


Kelly Blaser

Kelly is the founder of DharmaBridge and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with an emphasis in Buddhism, Śaiva and Śakta Tantra, and Somatic Psychology. She is dedicated to the power of metta (loving-kindness) and creative practice as avenues for accessing reality, and thus, true transformation at the personal and collective level.

Kelly offers programs in meditation, mindfulness, creative practices, and compassionate self-inquiry. She uses the practice of writing to help people pierce through conditioning, open up to possibility, access authentic experiences of bold self-expression, heal splits inside themselves, and connect with the courage to create and accept change, both internally and collectively.

She draws inspiration from the Zen, Vipassana, Vajrayana, Śaiva, and Śakta teachings, as well as from the wildness of nature and the power of social change movements.​

"Kelly, with gratitude I want to give huge validation to your work... It was surprising & encouraging how easily my creative writing parts emerged during your sessions. The power of illustrating with words is illuminating in itself."

- Helen V.

"Thank you so much for your wonderful class. I took it for the writing, but ended up confronting issues from this long severe year of isolation from community and loved ones. Writing is indeed a magical, transformative act!"

- Sherri S.

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