In these sessions, you will...

  • Understand and Dissolve old Emotional Patterning
  • Build New Internal Emotional Resources
  • Infuse yourself with Metta (Loving-Kindness)
  • Stimulate Creative, Poetic responses to the Moment
  • Create Tangible Changes in your Life

Join me for this 4-week Saturday series!

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In order to create any kind of clearing, it is most essential to identify and work with the mental narratives of the parts that hold the congestion in place.

As the Buddha is known to have said, "The mind is the forerunner of all things."

To create change, we must shift more than just circumstances. We must change the constructs held in the mind.

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How does this work? Is the Spring Clearing for you?

Find out what this is all about, what the philosophical foundations of this work are, and evaluate whether this is a good fit for you...

Everybody wants to clear something...

Given the opportunity to look at what would be possible to clear, people come up with a million ideas.

Garages could be cleared. Old journals could be harvested of all the valuable writings within. Art projects could be brought out for completion, clearing emotional resistance that stood in the way. Sleeping habits could shift. Habits of suppressing our full expression could shift. Habits of over-exercising, over-working, over-eating... All kinds of things could shift. 

BUT HOW??? Especially given that in many cases we've lost trust in our capacity to create change. Especially given that (as the yogi especially knows) any attempt to create a clearing can conjure a process of ego wanting to extract control over this wilderness of a life...

HOW do we create a clearing that will not be sabotaged by the parts of ourselves that resist? How can we create a clearing that is rooted in radical acceptance?

An Approach based in Somatics, Parts Work, and Non-Dual Philosophies...


You live in a BODY. Even if your clearing project is quite simple, it often stems from a congestion that is emotional and somatic in nature. Any issues you are looking to transform are nested somewhere inside the body. The Somatic experience is central to the clearing project.

Once we have determined the overarching intention of the clearing, we work to connect to the "qualities of being" that we want to create through the project.

You'll be invited to reconnect to these qualities on a daily basis, and to generate a "micro-practice" to support the clearing.


Change cannot be initiated with enmity or force. All parts of the Self must be embraced for the inner eco-system to harmonize and balance. The "clearing" we seek is not a rejection of any aspects of ourselves, but a rebalancing of the inner system.

We will inquire into parts of ourselves that resist the clearing, and reach towards those parts, instead of pushing them away. We make symbolic offerings to those parts, and meditate on the qualities that those parts are looking to experience.

Once all parts of oneself are embraced, and the body is included, narratives will shift.

“Trust thyself:
every heart vibrates to that iron string.”
- the Sage of Concord


Illuminate your life by coming to this project with an idea of what you want to clear.

The program will support you to clarify and define the "Overarching Intention" of the project.

Somatics and Yoga

Clear out the Body with Somatics and Yoga. Set something new in motion in your life by imprinting your subtle body with consciously chosen "qualities of being" that you want to cultivate.

Open new Doors

Open new doors by determining, declaring, and then taking tangible action steps that support and symbolize the clearing. Your commitment to the process and to the sangha will be a source of support and accountability.

Meet Kelly.

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge and a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with an emphasis in Buddhism, Shaiva and Shakta Tantra, and Somatic Psychology. Her work is to help others experience the infinite compassion beneath the chaos of life and to remind them of their true nature. The Clearing Project arose through the work inside DharmaBridge, Kelly's primary long-term program. All her programs and courses focus largely on the power of applying the dharma to one's relationship with oneself and others. Kelly helps people train themselves in meditation, mindfulness practices, and compassionate self-inquiry, so they can gain freedom from conditioned mind and open up to possibility.