Sit. Write. Repattern.

A 5-Day Challenge to Find Ground, Liberate Creativity, & Empower Change

With Kelly Blaser, LMFT

February 7-11th, 2023

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Day 1
Open up Space with Curiosity and Loving Kindness.

Day 2
Create Clarity through the Digestion of Difficult Material.

Day 3
Transform the Tendency to Compare. Cultivate Equanimity Toward what Appears.

Day 4
Look Closer. Use Discernment to Go Beyond Grasping, Craving, and Drama.

Day 5
Acknowledge the Transformation of Unconscious Patterns with an Energy of Completion.

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We are engaged in a global project of intelligently evolving our models for connection and communication. When we consciously reflect and perceive internal patterns, those insights become the foundation of our lives.

The purpose of the Sit. Write. Repattern. 5-Day Challenge is to move you beyond habitual contractions of mind with the deep, creative resource of writing as a spiritual practice. Then, you will repattern possibility with somatic movements to embody your understandings.

I'll hold these sessions as community meetings, so you feel the support of sangha and connection flowing through and encouraging your work.

I look forward to guiding you in this intensive!

Love, Kelly

Repattern Possibility Here

Kelly Blaser is the founder of DharmaBridge, as well as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She has worked with couples, families, groups, and individuals for over 2 decades in navigating the complexities of relationship, spiritual practice, and personal awakening.

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on February 7th, 2023