lucidity and the muse redux

Meditation, Applied Dharma, Writing & Art Practice
with Kelly Blaser, LMFT

Tuesday, May 23rd, 4:30-6:00pm PT
Approximately 1 hour 30 min.


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Meditation: A short practice of sitting that will help you transcend resistance to meditation, open you to the moment, and return you to who you truly are.

Writing Down the Truth: Kelly will prompt you to Write and Journal to Romance the Muse of the life you want to live into.

Making Art: Experience the dance of conscious creativity and humble surrender to what is, as we paint, draw, sculpt, collage, dance, poem, and sing together.

Declaring the Truth: Speaking and Listening to one another as you express the deep, lucid truths of the Muse, so you can recognize the shared human condition, participate in a sangha of support, and plant seeds of action.

Ritualizing the Return to Self: The practice of returning builds our emotional resilience and strengthens the spiritual immune system, so in times of stress, you have a reliable place within to turn.

Embracing Creativity as a Practice

When the "outer world" appears in total upheaval, the friction of change invites us inward, compels us towards creativity, and invites us to embrace our power to act.

Creative practice unhooks us from the cage of conditioning and returns us to possibility. We come truly alive when we tap into our imagination, humbly and consciously let the inner voice guide us, and respond to what is with honesty and willingness. This is the path of peace, and the mark of a life truly lived.

Join me for this session to practice shaping creation and yielding to the truth. Join me for a bit of lucidity and a bit of muse.

Love, Kelly

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