Expand and Revolutionize your work with clients and teams. Integrate the Dharma into your creative, leadership, or service work. Support clients and yourself to unlock joy and vitality by accessing lasting liberation.

Now accepting applications for CCLI 2025 and Lotus 2025 


Ready for renewed confidence, flow, and efficacy as a coach, facilitator, creative, or leader?

Hear from Kelly –


As leaders, coaches, and counselors, we get to innovate all the time. And no matter how much we’ve grown, we’re always ripe for evolution…

But when we look for support in our expansion, we find gaps instead. We get off course by the wrong inputs and there are serious deficits in the fields of leadership training, self-development, and spiritual work.


Some spiritual communities skew either too dogmatic or cult-like. Some are too vague and airy-fairy.

Leadership training communities generally lack ground in philosophical traditions and don’t put much focus on practices that ground us and grow confidence, stamina, and vision.

Do You Face These Challenges?

If you are looking for a new way to grow, consider CCLI.

A Master Course For

If you’re ready to deepen your practice, expand your work, or increase your toolkit, then I’m inviting you into –

The DharmaBridge CCLI Certification

Empower yourself with dharma teachings and methodologies. Guide others with robust vision, innovate your practice, and lead your community into transformative healing and growth.

Here’s what you will experience:

Wisdom & Refuge

Practices that rest on the dharma offer time-tested wisdom and refuge.


Working inside a committed sangha generates confidence and takes us further than we can go alone.

Non-dual Healing

Approaching this work through a non-dual lens means we access essence nature, the ultimate ground of healing, possibility, and vision.

Somatic Psychology

Practice fundamentals of somatic psychology to increase your capacity to process experiences along the way.

Hear from DharmaBridge Grads on how training impacted them as a facilitator

Here’s what we’ll cover

Assess what in your life needs releasing, so you can explore a deeper vision.
Ground into practices that connect you to the perfection of your essence, and a totally unbounded future.
Using transformational writing practices and guided journeys, pull back the veil that conceals the causes of energy blockages and leaks in our systems.
Concoct a radical, bold new proposal for how your life and professional work could unfold.
Learn how to identify your deepest truth. Innovations of your professional life can arise from an awareness of fullness, rather than recapitulating past deficits.

With the support of seasoned DharmaBridge mentors, uncover the architecture of your vision, and find the most important portals to change.

Work in small groups to wire-frame new scaffoldings for how your work in the world could manifest.

Most of us have radically under-estimated the potency of our networks. Focus on the integral aspect of building a matrix of mutual support around you.
In the final phase of CCLI, we earnestly enter into a non-dual Creation Project. This project serves as a template for shifting patterns in our lives at large, while we generate momentum required to embody our vision. Revisiting our intention, we ensure our projects are fed by all the wisdom energies and not hijacked by pattern. As we define the scope of our projects, we assess the essential energetic shifts necessary, and the indispensable actions imperative in committing ourselves to change. Our projects are supported and grounded by the understandings and practices of somatic psychology.

We celebrate the transformation cultivated in our lives and work, and center our lives and ongoing intentions around these expansions. We rewire our attention to focus on beauty and our values to prepare us for the changes unfolding.

Module 01

DharmaBridge Fundamentals

Conditioned mind & processes that lead to suffering

Techniques for returning to center

Communication Techniques

Engage with real world circumstances, prepare for a healing journey, AND build intimacy with self and others through use of a “clearing project”

Module 02

Non-dual Śaiva and Śakta Tantra with Influences from Śrividya

Somatic Psychology

Therapy Improv Exercises

Module 03

Mandala Teachings and Practice

Deity Yoga

Deeper Śaiva practices from the Krama and Trika lineages

Goddess Practices from Śrividya

The Non-Dual Creation Project Template for Shifting Patterns

Here’s how we’ll cover it

About Kelly

Kelly is the founder of DharmaBridge and SomaPsychotherapy, and is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with an emphasis in Buddhism, Śavia and Śakta Tantra, and Somatic Psychology. Her background in feminist movements and Latin American Studies and her experience living in Central America opened her up to the extent that our inner struggles are reflective of systemic structures that promote domination and disassociation.

Her work is to help others experience the infinite compassion beneath the chaos of life and to remind them of their true nature. Her programs and courses focus largely on the power of applying the dharma to one’s relationship with oneself and others. She helps people train themselves in meditation, mindfulness practices, and compassionate self-inquiry, so they can gain freedom from conditioned mind and open up to possibility.

Why Now?

I Promise You

At the conclusion of this program, you will know the power of sangha, feel supported by the dharma of the wisdom traditions, and have the skills to guide yourself and others through clear, healing techniques for awakening and transformation.


Expect to dedicate about 4 hours a week to this program, including the following: 
DharmaBridge training calls with Kelly and guest presenters (2.5 hours – 75% of the time live, ideally), Reading and reflective writing (1 hour+), and Antenna Listening with an assigned partner (30 min).

Additional Monthly Trainings/Sessions:

  • 1.5 hours: Group Time with Kelly, Guest Presenters, or Established Mentors (Time TBD by group, likely Fridays 9am or Mondays midday, 3rd week of the Month)
  • 1 hour with Small Group
  • One on One Time with Kelly: 45 min
  • One on One Time with Mentor: 30-45 min

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